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Advanced Off Leash Program

This is it! Grab your hotdogs, we're going after the ultimate goal for all dog owners! This 8 week course helps all owners move towards cutting off the leash! 

Off Leash Program

About The Program

Off-Lead Obedience Training is the ultimate goal for higher education. Operating as a true team, this class challenges the handler and dog to work their skills with a variety of every day distractions. This program starts at nine months of age, and a test is required to see if the team qualifies. This program focuses on voice commands, hand signals,
plus on/off lead training, all within a group class setting.

Off Leash Obedience Includes:

8 Group classes
Walking off lead 
Sit with hand signal
Sit / Stay for five minutes
Come with hand signal
Down hand signal
Down / Stay 35 minutes


Long distance recall
​Understanding the 'No' command

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