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Haywood L. Perry Jr.


Haywood L. Perry Jr. comes from a family of educators. Teaching has always been a passion of his, dogs on the other hand have been his obsession. He has been a professional dog trainer for 40 years. He became obsessed at 5 years old when his family adopted a German Shepherd…he has not been without one since.  He first learned obedience training under the tutelage of an Air Force K-9 trainer. He learned the health behind the canine, working as a veterinary technician, which also prepared him for a 30 year marriage to Dr. Adrienne Edwards. He then worked for several other trainers learning different philosophies before going out on his own. 

Haywood opened his first school, Friendship Academy for Dogs, in 1985 and developed a unique training program that would succeed for both owner and pet.  Learning it's best to take care of the whole pet, he offered pet supplies and grooming services as well. In 1989, he opened Manor West Kennels, a commercial boarding facility in southern Maryland, which allowed him to broaden the relationship between his clients and their pets as extended family.

The vision grew in 1994 when he and his wife, Dr. Adrienne Edwards, opened The Pet Depot, a one stop pet care center in Silver Spring, Maryland. This facility offered a full complement of services from veterinary care, training, behavioral consultations, grooming, and boarding, to the sale of premium pet food and supplies. That vision has now transformed into the area's first K9 Community Center!  He also developed Continuing Education for Pet Professionals (CEPP) which hosts trainers, behaviorists, and groomers from around the world to provide seminars designed to keep pet professionals current in state-of-the-art techniques. 


After over 50 years with dogs, he is still obsessed with dogs and passionate about educating their owners on how to be the best leaders they can be. 


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