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Private Lesson Program

Privates put you in the driver's seat of your dog's learning from start to finish! With the guide of your personal trainer you take control of your adventure!

Private Lesson Program

About The Program

Private Lessons is a great program for the dog owner who has time to work with their dog one-on-one with the trainer. You will meet with your trainer once every nine to ten days for four sessions. This one-hour session will teach you and your dog the obedience commands that are outlined in your course work. After the sessions your dog and you will complete small workouts at home to continue mastering concepts. Incorporated in the Private Lesson Program are four Group Classes. The group classes are designed to proof your training around distractions. Classes are held in real life situations and will help you to put the final touches on all of your training commands. At the end of the Private Lesson Program and Group Classes there will be a final exam. The owner and dog team are required to pass this TEST in order to graduate school.

Basic Obedience 101 Includes:

Walking on Lead without pulling
Sit on the first command
Sit / Stay for one minute
Come on the first command
Down on the first command
Down / Stay 5 minutes
​Understanding the 'No' command

Private Lesson Program Includes:

4 Private Lessons
4 Group Classes
2 Tests
Behavioral Consultation

"The trainers here are all extremely nice and efficient at what they do. I always felt like I was leaving my dog in good hands. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for dog training help! :)"

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